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Shawms g

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Shawm, in slovak language salmaj (f. or m.) is a double reed woodwind instrument with a conical bore and wide flaring bell. It has 8 fingerholes and a range of one and a half octave. The basic fingering is open, all accidentals within the range can be crossfingered. Shawms were played throughout Europe since early times. In the renaissance period, whole „families“ of them were created, with sizes ranging from ten feet to a few inches. In our country, unlike the West or the Balkans, these instruments never entered the folk instrumentary, and were confined to court and nobility. Nowadays they are becoming very popular in groups of historical fencing, and in so-called period music ensembles.

The double reed made of cane, can be placed between the lips, like that of oboe or bassoon, or hidden in a wooden windcap. Windcapped shawms were called rauschpfeiffe rauschpfeiffe in german environment. They are technicaly easier to play, and the reed lasts longer. Those with „naked“ reed allow for more expression, control of the pitch and timbre.

I make wincapped shawms mainly, in two systems: f-c and g-d

• "sopranino" f´´ or g´´ – 80 euro
• "soprano" c´´ or d´´ – 100 euro
• "alto" f´ or g´ – 130 euro
• "tenor" c´ or d´ – 180 euro

The note stated stands for the bottom tone.

Wood: pear, plum, cherry.